Stormy Weather

I miss the storm, the thunder, the calm afterwards, reassuring.

I don’t know what we had, I keep asking myself what it was. But there was something. Something stronger than us.

I left you. I stopped thinking about you since I found balance in my life. A new rhythm, new songs, new words. Nothing to remind me of you.

I listen to the same song over and over again, fourth day. I’m thinking about death and loss, as usual. How can it be the end of it?

Warmth and lights and my eyes looking up to the sky. A weird feeling, unease. I’m reading an extraordinary book, words I wish I could have written.

Travelling is the door, the way to what?

Vain people, vain expectations, vain lives.

A boat in the darkness which leads us to the end. Why not? There is worse way of ending it.


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